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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Snow Queen Props

These are some of the props and set pieces for the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet's production of the Snow Queen which opens Saturday, November 3rd. Pammy and I were given some of the pre-existing props and set pieces that were used the last time the ballet was performed and cleaned, fixed and generally improved them. We're pretty happy with the results.

The letters needed some repair work. Considering they were made of foam core they held up pretty well but had a few stains and had come apart in some places. They were supposed to look like they were made of ice so I decided they should look like the Icey logo lettering. 

 I used soft foam for the "snow" cutting it with scissors to the desired frosty shape then hot gluing the pieces to each letter. I finished them off by painting the letters in whites and blues for that cold feeling.

 The sleigh was Pammy's baby. She used a combination of fabric, decorative trim and "jewels" to give it that regal look befitting a Snow Queen. Tis a thing of beauty!

Step One- Prime.
The cottage flat underwent a complete make over. It started off looking quite different and ended up looking like this. The challenge was not so much in the repainting of it but making a new roof for it which was somehow not attached to the flat and was lost. The wasn't a budget for a new roof so I had to get creative.

I managed to gather what remained of the foam used to dress up the "love letters" to create the thatched roof then painted it the appropriate colors. 

Step 2- Paint timbers.
Step 3- Paint greenery and flowers.

Step 4- Finished